God’s grace, love and power

By Danny Fourie

Have you ever wondered about God’s rules and love for us?

– Many things cannot be proved
– God proves God self
– God looks us up
– Can we still be surprised about something?
– God is great and small, far and near
– He created you
– He likes you (1)
– He likes you (2)
– He calls you (1)
– He calls you (2)
– He sacrifices his Son on the cross
– He forgives our sins
– Confession of guilt makes you free
– He is not like a boss
– He looks after you
– The Bible – his Word
– Reflect on the Bible
– He listens when you pray
– He helps us with our choices
– He gives us wisdom

This 20-day reading plan tells stories of God’s grace, love and power. Enjoy your Bible reading journey!