Comfort from the Word

This reading plan points you to the only reliable place of refuge provided by our Heavenly Father for his children

Eternal Wisdom

This reading plan from the Bible has been compiled to help you to rediscover the truth about God’s loving and eternal presence in your life.



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E100 Bible Reading Challenge

How do I begin?

- Choose a time and a place to read every day
- Join a friend or a reading group
- Make it a family project

Called to Care

This reading plan contains thirty themes with selected Scripture passages highlighting the different aspects of caregiving. Each theme will be followed by questions for reflection, and these will help you study the Scriptures and apply their message to your life and your caregiving. You can read one theme each day, using the reading plan as a series of reflections for one month. Alternatively, it can be used for weekly group discussions, for example at prayer meetings for caregivers in your institution.

The Bible shows us why we live

Ever wondered why you exist or how you should be living your life? This 6-day reading plan contains numerous Scripture passages to help you better understand why you exist and how God is expecting you to live.

An Unforgettable Journey

This 11 day reading plan offers guidelines with Scripture passages on how best to live your life according to God’s plan. It covers topics like faithfulness, happiness, hope, joy, patience, self-control, believing in Jesus, God’s love and more.

The Bible offers comfort and strength

This 7 day reading plan offers comfort and strength amidst the often challenging trials of daily life. It contains numerous Scripture passages on topics like poverty, depression, death, hopelessness, exhaustion and more.

The Bible teaches us how to live

The Bible teaches us how to live a healthy and balanced life. This 10-day reading plan contains numerous Scripture passages about topics like gratitude, obedience, integrity, perseverance, freedom and doing what's right, to help you through life.

At work with God

The Bible was written in another day and age, yet it speaks clearly about many issues which concern us to this day, including the workplace. It speaks to employers and employees alike, to those in management or to those on the shop floor. It speaks to the jobless as well as the worker who is worth his salt. 

Roadmap for life

Whether you are studying, working or retired, these Scripture selections will guide you on your way and show you how your faith can work for you as you continue on your journey through life with God as your navigator!

Strength For Today

Where do you find your strength during difficult times? It can be easy to give into worry, fear and despair when going through times of illness and difficult circumstances. This 17-day reading plan contains numerous Scripture passages to comfort and encourage people dealing with these situations, and help them find their strength in the Lord as He will never give us more than we can handle.

I am somebody

This 13-day reading plan offers hope and perspective amidst the often challenging trials of daily life. It contains numerous Scripture passages to help you through difficult times, reminding you of Godʼs love, emphasising what you are worth to Him and what it means to be a child of God.


This reading plan invites you to discover the stories of a few special men. Men have played an important part throughout the Bible. Some walked with God while others turned their backs on Him. Sometimes they wrestled with God. They were all unique with different gifts and their own unique circumstances. Yet God was with them every step of the way. Over the next 9 days you may discover: That’s me! I am he! And God also walks with me!

I am She

Women play an important role throughout the Bible. Some lived in close relationship with God, while others turned their backs on Him. They were women of different dimensions, women in varying circumstances of life. Over the next 8 days you may discover: That is me! I am She!

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