Who is this Man?

By Danny Fourie

• Who is this Man?
• And again: Who is this Man?
• How did it begin?
• Is He the Saviour?
• God becomes man
• God reached down to us
• Not only words, but deeds
• From child to Saviour
• Child among children
• Jesus begins
• His first sign
• The devil came with a test
• Jesus was a powerful teacher
• Orator of understandable language
• Power over life and death
• The power of Jesus over nature and people
• Jesus has the power to forgive sins
• He has an exceptional character
• Meek or soft?

This 19-day reading plan tells the stories of Jesus’ life and character. We will learn about who Jesus is and everything that He did while on earth – not just in words but also in his actions. Enjoy your daily Bible reading.