God’s precious promises

By Neville Turley

Have you ever wondered about God’s wonderful assurance and precious promises?

– Precious promises from God
– The great promise to humankind
– We do not know the road ahead
– A promise and a warning
– God’s wonderful assurance
– The promised Messiah brought a new dispensation
– Be wary of false promises
– Jesus’ promise to us
– The promise of joy
– The promise of eternal glory
– A command and a divine promise
– The promise of hope
– The promise of faith
– The promise of divine love
– A promise to those who use their money well
– A promise for those who are anxious
– Making the best use of your gifts
– You reap what you sow
– The promise of forgiveness
– The promise of peace
– His promise to return

This 21-day reading plan tells the stories of God’s wonderful promises that guarantee rest for your soul and peace of mind. Enjoy your Bible reading journey!