What did this Man come to do? - Day 2

He was made sin

In the time of Jesus, the same tensions prevailed in Jerusalem and Israel as today. The Romans reigned over the territory. They felt that they were superior and in charge. The Romans were very strict and hard-hearted towards demonstrators and rebels. They did away with leaders of a demonstration without excuse by crucifying them. A crucifixion like this was quite a diversion for some soldiers who were far away from home.

On the eve of his crucifixion, Jesus was on trial the whole night. He was innocent, yet convicted on a false charge. The soldiers brought Him into the courtyard of the justice building. Easily, a hundred soldiers were present. They started playing a dark and exaggerated game with Him: King-king. Probably, they were Jewish soldiers who were recruited by the Romans. They knew exactly what Jesus called Himself. They staged a mocking skit. With a crown of thorns and a purple cloak around his shoulders, they knelt before Him: “We greet you, King of the Jews!”

It continued until Jesus hung on the cross. Then, something extraordinary happened. Twelve o’clock, at midday, it became pitch dark for three hours, as at night. In those three hours of darkness, the judgement took place.

Instantly, the people around the cross realised what would happen if God would leave the world to itself. There will be no more sun and no more light, and therefore, no more life.

In those moments of darkness, the Bible says, Jesus was made sin. As a human being, Jesus Christ suffered what we deserve. After three hours, it became light again, the darkness was over. The light conquered the darkness and Jesus conquered Satan.