War and peace - Day 7

Live together in peace

Yesterday, we read about the hopeful future that Isaiah gives. Today, we see that at the beginning of his book, he already showed us what is important to God. All nations will go up to God’s mountain. There, he will judge. After his trial, he will put an end to all war and violence. Weapons will be melted down into agricultural implements.

Making the earth fertile and enjoying God’s creation is what is important to God. He promises that there will come a time when people will realise that they no longer have to use violence against each other. Everyone will live together in peace.

The text (Isaiah 2:4) about forging swords into ploughs is incorporated in several works of art that you can find at the United Nations building in New York City. This shows that the biblical text still serves as an inspiration to end wars and restore peace.

What can you do today to help make this vision come true?