Sower, seeds, weeds - 9 March 2022

By Xanthe Hancox

Here we have another parable about seed, but this time the focus is on the kind of seed that is sown – and the plants that grow from it. Good wheat seed is planted in a field, and weeds are also sown. Given the choice to remove the weeds, the owner declines; wanting the wheat to grow, he decides to let the weeds remain. If the weeds were uprooted now, the wheat would also be uprooted.

The owner knows that at harvest time it will be easier to separate the wheat from the weeds. In the meantime, the wheat will grow as wheat, and the weeds will remain weeds. Let them grow to maturity, and then the two can be separated easily; the wheat’s fruit is obvious in contrast with that of the weeds.

This is a picture of how God’s Word and life grow in us while we live each day in the field of his world. It is easy to fit in, to be like people around us. And when we are surrounded by the sin and evil of this world, we can be overcome with uncertainty. But our Lord knows us, and he chooses not to remove us from the field. He allows us to stand in contrast to the weeds, as we produce the crop we are intended for.

This parable comes to us as a midweek message of encouragement: Trust the field owner; his love will see you through to maturity.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for loving me. In all situations, help me remain confident of being who you created me to be. In your name, Amen