God and Jesus: Beginning and End - 7 October 2021

By Carina Francke

When life throws you a curve ball, your initial reaction is shock and disbelief. Especially when it does not budge and comes without any intention of leaving. I suppose that the exiled Israelites in Persia also experienced this doubt. It is in times like these that one tends to ask: “Where is God in these circumstances? Can’t he see that my legs are gradually giving way?”

And then God answers you himself. By means of the Word. The same way that he did with the prophet in Isaiah 41:1-4. He shared with prophet Isaiah that King Cyrus II of Persia would free the enslaved Israelites and enable them to return to Jerusalem – but only a 150 years later! (Read 2 Chronicles 36:22-23 for the story) Obviously, it raises questions. How is this possible? Who has done this and carried it through? God gives the answer to whomever wants to know: “I, the Lord – with the first of them and with the last – I am he.” (Isaiah 41:4)

Nothing has ever happened, or ever will happen without God’s knowledge and he already has a plan of action at hand. It might not be according to one’s plan or schedule, but the solution of one’s curve-ball experience starts and ends in and with the Lord. Your life also started with the Lord and will eventually come to an end in and with Him. Continually remember to ask yourself, ”Who determines my course? Who has done and carried through all the promises in the Word?” Then listen carefully to hear the answer: “I, the Lord – with the first of them and with the last – I am he.” (Isaiah 41:4)

He is the only one that exists indefinitely to indefinite times. He is first for ever. And in the end, He will still be the last – living and alive for ever!

Prayer: To the Lord, the first and the last: all gratitude, praise and honour be unto you. I am safe with you – my yesterday, today and all my future tomorrows, you Lord, hold safely in your hand. Amen