When your life’s mission starts taking off - 21 July 2021

By Ewald Schmidt

The Lord may lay a dream or vision upon your heart. It usually starts small, with just a seed of hope. Through the years, this seed starts to grow, the vision becomes ever stronger. Even if your dream comes from God, there is no guarantee that the journey to realising it will be easy. Most often we will encounter strong opposition one way or another. There is a process of growing involved for most things worth achieving in life. We need to grow in character to be worthy of the calling God has placed upon our lives. If the dream comes from God, and if you endure and grow, some day, you will see your dream coming to fruition.

David was anointed as the king of Israel while still a young boy. He had to endure being in King Saul’s household for many years. He would rule over just the tribe of Judah for seven and a half years, until Ish-Bosheth was murdered, and the throne of Israel was vacated. Only then the elders of Israel came to see David in Hebron. They finally recognised him as God’s chosen king over the nation of Israel. Many years had passed since the anointing by Samuel, before he was finally anointed and crowned in front of his nation as the king of all.

Be patient when it seems as though God has forgotten you. Be faithful in the tasks that you must do each day. Spend time with God daily, grow in your faith through his Word and by his Spirit. Be edified for the next chapter of your life. Endure, grow: remember that God wants to help each of his children to reach his or her destiny. Opposition makes us stronger. Victory is much sweeter when we endured hardship reaching it. When we reach the peak of success, remember still to be humble, and to obey God in everything.

Prayer: Lord, help me to keep my trust in you when it seems as though my dream will not work out. Help me to spend more time with you. Help me to grow, equip me with all that I need, that my life may reach your purposes and goals for me. May my life honour and glorify your name! Amen