The giant will fall in the Name of the Lord! - 8 July 2021

By Ewald Schmidt

Our whole experience of life is shaped by the battle between good and evil, between light and darkness. Goliath, the giant, represents the darkness in life. He is very big and strong. He makes a mockery of the God of Israel. He thinks that the army of God’s nation is not a danger at all. He relies on his huge physical strength, and he operates by intimidation and fear. He uses the weapons of this world – strong and mighty weapons.

David represents the light, the good, the kingdom of God. He is utterly aware that he is small and weak compared to Goliath. He is young and inexperienced as a warrior. This victory is not going to come about through his own strength, skill or power. Human weapons will be of no use in this battle. But he knows the God of Israel. He is standing up for what is right. We must remember – when he was anointed as the king of Israel, the Holy Spirit took possession of him. His power came from the Spirit, and his weapon was the Name of the Lord, the Almighty God.

Many people had feared taking on the giant. David held the opinion that Goliath was so huge, it would be impossible to miss him. Goliath mocks David when he enters the field of combat, dressed just in his shepherd’s cloak, with his shepherd’s staff, and his slingshot. But David hits him on the head with his first shot, and the giant falls to the ground – stunned. David uses the giant’s own sword against him, to end the threat of Goliath. The giant fell! The small and weak David conquered the giant Goliath. He did not do it with his own power, and his own might. He did it by trusting in the Name of the Lord.

Your giant has another name. You have other challenges facing you in your journey of life. Every follower of Christ will experience the resistance and challenges of the kingdom of darkness in life. By trusting in God, with the power of the Holy Spirit, by the armour of God, your giant will fall, just like Goliath. Remember this when your giant is shouting and screaming to intimidate you. Your God is stronger than your giant!

Prayer: Lord, thank you that I may know you and belong to you. I am your child. The power of the Holy Spirit is working in me, I am armed with the armour of God. My enemy may be strong, even stronger than me. But my God is stronger than my giant. Thank you that my giant will fall before you! Amen