God uses special people - 2 June 2021

By Ben Fourie

The Bible tells us that God calls and uses people in His service, special people like Noah, special because he had no faults, according to the above verse, and lived in fellowship with God. Special people are not necessarily number one in society or the richest in town, but they have certain qualities, and above all, live in fellowship with God.

The account of the great flood is one that caused people to speculate about the possibility of something like that happening. Some reject it as a myth out of hand. Others have spent a lifetime searching for pieces of the ark on Mount Ararat in what we now know as Turkey. Many have claimed and made a great fuss of finding pieces of the ark on Ararat, but nothing has ever been proved. In the literature of other ancient cultures, there are also stories of a great flood. The most well-known one is the Babylonian story of Gilgamesh from about 1100 BC that has many similarities with the Biblical story of Noah.

Who Noah was in the course of history we do not know, but it is not necessary for us to know, as the main message is not primarily about historical accuracy. It is about how God intervened by using a special person and thereby preventing the destruction of all mankind by a great disaster.

God still wants people to be saved, not from a great flood this time but from the depths of sin. He still wants to use special people. Are you perhaps a Noah of our times? Don’t be afraid to be one. Noah was probably mocked when he built an ark on dry ground, but he persisted. If you also live in fellowship with God, he can and will use you.

Prayer: Our God in heaven, I want to thank you for wanting to use me to hold out a hand to people drowning in the sea of this world. Here I am. Amen