Power in community - 16 April 2021

By Xanthe Hancox

I’ve always found honeybees astonishing. In the peak season in early summer, a colony of honeybees consists of up to 50 000 “citizens” in one beehive. And what looks at first glance like a complete mess, is a well-organised superorganism. All members of the community, whether queen, worker, or drone, are aiming for the same goal: ensuring the survival of the colony. The hive wouldn’t function without each bee performing their own individual task.

Living in the power of the resurrection means we recognize our need for God and for each other. God’s Holy Spirit empowers the community of believers with the spiritual gifts and abilities necessary to do the work of growing his kingdom. Individual believers cannot do this by themselves. The power of the resurrection comes in living and working together in unity, recognizing, and supporting the gifts, talents, and abilities of all others in the community of Christ.

We all have our place, and we all have purpose. We all have gifts to offer, and God values each one of us as his children. When we live in the unity and power of the resurrection, we celebrate and affirm the use of everyone’s gifts. Let us encourage one another today as we seek to live in the unity and the power of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Prayer: Resurrected Lord, make us one in you. May our love for you and for one another witness to your love and grace. Grow us together by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen