Jesus restores dignity - 8 March 2021

By Louise Gevers

The harmony of Eden was shattered from the time that Eve was first deceived by the devil and shared the forbidden fruit with Adam, allowing sin to enter the world, affecting human dignity and the perception of wisdom for all time.

So women have not always been treated fairly, or with love and dignity. However, the coming of Christ brought redemption for everyone into the world; He revolutionised thinking in His interaction with women, and raised them to a new level through His gentleness and respect. We now live in a time when women are far more empowered in our society than their mothers before them were, because God’s love makes all things possible.

God is never influenced by sin, and above prejudice. He selects women for a particular purpose, just as He does men, and equips them to succeed in the tasks that they have to work through with wisdom, faith, courage and, ultimately, victory, to make their mark on history.

Women like Esther (Esther 1-10), Abigail (1Samuel 25:2-33) and Jael (Judges 4:17-22) are only some of the colourful characters of faith and courage we read about, who inspire us with their stories. Each shows how God’s equipping enables her to overcome the complexity of her circumstances. Consider that the Bible starts with Eve defeated in Genesis and ends with the bride of Christ, the church, victorious in Revelation.

Jesus’ heart for women is seen through His interaction with women in the course of His life and ministry. There are beautiful examples of women who came to trust in Him through, and sometimes despite, their circumstances because they believed in His goodness and power and trusted His love and mercy.

As I write, a sample African Women Devotional Bible lies on the desk in front of me. It is the proud first offering from women across the African continent, for women in Africa, to be launched today – the 8th of March – International Women’s Day. It’s enhanced by its rich offering of notes, devotions and reading plans and designed to equip, inspire and encourage women at all times – a precious tribute to what God’s grace can achieve through women who fear Him – and is something of real worth that will never lose its value.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You lift up all who come to You humbly, in need of Your grace. Your tender love dispels our unworthiness and gives us dignity and hope “to grow in wisdom and stature” as You did on earth. Amen (Luke 2:52)