Spreading your fragrance - 26 January 2021

By Hennie Symington

Isn’t it an absolute joy to walk through your garden, or in any garden and smell the flowers? But did you know that you too exude a specific fragrance? Regardless of the perfume we use or the aftershave we splash on every morning, we are all known by the fragrance we spread. For those who embrace Christ as the truth, it is the fragrance of life and not death.

We need to carry the fragrance of Christ with us wherever we go: at work, in our community and at social gatherings. You don’t even have to rub your faith and the way you practise it under the noses of the people around you. The truth is your fragrance will speak for itself. It will be evident in the company you keep and the way you relate to others. It will become obvious through your conversation and your actions. Even at your workplace, where people have different beliefs and sensitivities about believing, there will be no mistaking your fragrance.

A word of warning however, be careful that your fragrance remains fresh and true to the aroma of Christ no matter where you go.

Prayer: Lord, forgive me when the aroma that I spread is not one that reminds people of new life and growth. Fill me with the presence of the Holy Spirit so there can be no mistaking my loyalties. Amen