Follow the example set by Christ! - 21 October 2020

By Ewald Schmidt

The deepest sense of contentment is found when serving others. That is only true if you have found the reason why you are doing it. We are not happy when somebody forces us to do a task, or we are asked to do something we see as degrading. Our own sinful natures rebel against service to others. But when we have heeded the call of Christ, we are following in his footsteps. This is the example he has set before us: He, being God, has stepped down into this world to be a servant for the good of mankind. He became one of us to serve us better. He did not cling to his Godly privilege. His service went all the way, to death on the cross. Being executed as a criminal without committing any crime. That is the love he has demonstrated to us. He served us, to give us life in abundance. And that is what is expected from us. To reach the world for Christ, we need to wash feet like he did. We need to focus on the needs of others.

The Father did not leave his Son in a grave. Jesus rose again and was exalted to the highest position of honour in the kingdom of God. The end result of this journey will be that every tongue will confess that He is Lord. We are following in his footsteps. We will die one day in the service of God. We will be resurrected, and we shall see him, gladly bowing the knee before our Lord. We serve to glorify God. That makes it such a beautiful act.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, when you came to earth to serve us, you gave your all. You held nothing back, you went so far as to die for us. Through your love, we have found life everlasting. So while we are following in your footsteps, teach us to be humble, like you. Show us where we can make a difference in someone’s life. Help us not to just say that you are Lord, but to show it with a life of compassion and service to others. Amen