Prayer – Day 7

On Christ’s prayer request list

Do you realise that you’ve been on Christ’s prayer request list long before your birth? In the week before Christ was crucified, he was in constant conversation with his Father. It was as if he was driven to put everything in order before leaving the world.

In John 17 we read this deeply moving conversation between God and his Son. It’s almost as if Christ is reporting back to his Father about what he achieved during his time on earth. He had completed his assignment. He brought the Word to the people and they believed, and now he was ready to return from where he came.

Yet, he is deeply troubled about leaving his followers behind in this world and therefore prays intently for God to watch over them. Then he prays for you and everyone who will come to faith through the witness of the first disciples. He prays that we will be one in him and with all believers yet to come.

How wonderful to know that God has already seen us in his mind’s eye even before we were born. And even more amazing is that Christ has already commended you to God before you even knew him. Incredible? No, just God’s goodness.