God’s precious promises – Day 15

A promise to those who use their money well

Generosity and a willingness to share does not come easily to everybody. John Wesley to whom the Methodist Church owes its origin once famously said: “The last part of a man to be converted, is his wallet.”

This could not be said of Joseph of Arimathea. He was a secret disciple of Jesus and a member of the Sanhedrin, a wealthy man whose actions revealed his generosity.

On the death of Jesus, Joseph had the influence to obtain an audience with Pilate where he boldly asked that the body of Jesus be handed over to him. Pilate agreed.

Joseph took the bruised and bloodied body of Jesus down from the cross and wrapped it in a new linen cloth. He placed the body of Jesus in his own tomb cut out of solid rock.

Then he sealed the tomb by rolling a stone in front of its opening and went away.

That is all we know about Joseph of Arimathea, but he will never be forgotten. His story is enshrined in all four Gospels. He will be forever remembered as a generous man who used his influence and his money to serve his master when those closest to our Lord had fled.

Our verse for today promises that followers of Jesus, who like Joseph use their money well, are amassing spiritual treasures for themselves in heaven. It is a promise we need to take to heart and put into practice.