What is new in June 2022?

New Reading Plan – God as the source of hope

This 15-day reading plan tells the stories of God as the source of all hope and how to lead a Christ-centred life. Enjoy your Bible reading journey!

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More Bible translations completed by Bible Societies

In 2021, despite a second year of disruption caused by Covid-19, Bible Societies across the world completed Scripture translations in 90 languages used by 794 million people – just over 10% of the world’s population.

“Each one of these translations will touch and transform the lives of individuals, families and communities,” commented Michael Perreau, United Bible Societies Director General. “We are so thankful for the translators who have dedicated years of their lives to making Scripture available to their communities, many of them working in very difficult circumstances.”

From Mexico to Myanmar, 48 language groups – a total of 11 million people – received first Scripture translations, of which three were complete Bibles.

New or revised translations were completed in another 43 languages, used by 783 million people. These provide Scripture access to language communities whose needs are no longer met by previous translations.

The complete Bible is now available in 719 languages spoken by 5,8 billion people. Another 1 593 languages have the New Testament and 1 212 have portions of Scripture. Altogether, 7,1 billion people have some Scripture in their mother tongue.

More than half of the world’s languages still have no Scripture at all.

The United Bible Societies and other Bible translation agencies are continuing to work towards the goal of making Scripture available in every language. Greater collaboration, developments in technology and investment by donors have all led to unprecedented momentum in Bible translation in recent years.

We are grateful for donors and partnerships that have made it possible for millions more people to access the hope and comfort of God’s Word.

How can you help?

Every R100 received will contribute towards Bible translation projects this year.

This post was published on Tuesday 14 June 2022