New Bible Translation and Launch – IsiZulu 2020 Translation

It is with great excitement that we would like to announce that the new isiZulu 2020 translation was launched in Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal, on Sunday 18 October. A new generation of isiZulu speakers will encounter the Word of God with new understanding and insight when they read this translation.

The translation of the isiZulu Bible, currently used by most Zulu people, is more than 60 years old and many of the words contained in it are foreign to younger readers. The sight of someone reading God’s Word in their own language, for the first time, is truly a special moment.

A brief history of isiZulu Bible 2020:
Click here to read a brief history of isiZulu Bible translations in South Africa.

Online reading or via the BibleSA app:
Now available to read online on BibleSA or via the BibleSA app for all users with a free account.

Printed Bibles:

Click here to buy your copy of the Bible.

Complete isiZulu 2020 translation e-Bible with a user-friendly navigation, cross-references, footnotes and maps. Available on Kobo and in Kindle format.

  • Also available with Deuterocanonical books on Kobo and in Kindle format.

New Reading Plan – Jesus

Jesus Leesplan

Ever wondered who Jesus is and what His life was like? What does the Bible have to say about Jesus and the love he had consistently spoken of? This 20-day reading plan contains numerous Scripture passages to guide you on your way and show you how your faith can work for you. Your journey with God starts here!

This post was published on Thursday 15 October 2020