Free Bible apps for everyone!

1. BibleSA app

Access or download Bibles for free in all 11 official languages of South Africa or listen to various audio Bibles online, all in one app. Customise your Bible reading experience and access reading plans, daily devotions and Bible verses.

2. Language specific, light weight Bible app

Download free language specific Bibles to read offline. You can compare different translations, customise your Bible reading experience and copy or share Bible verses. Compact/light weight for small file size and limited bandwidth use. Standalone app available for each of the 11 official languages.

Please note: the apps below are currently only available on the Google Play Store, but we are looking at adding them to more app stores.

Afrikaanse Bybels
Bybel in Afrikaans 2020-vertaling
Bybel vir almal
Bybel in Afrikaans 1983-vertaling met herformulerings tot en met 1992
Bybel in Afrikaans 1933/1953-vertaling
AFRIKAANSE Bybels (20HL & 53)
Bybel in Afrikaans 2020-vertaling met hoofletters
Bybel in Afrikaans 1933/1953-vertaling
Bybel vir Dowes
Bybel vir dowes
Bible for the Deaf
English Bible for the Deaf 2019
IsiZulu Bibles
Bible in isiZulu 2020
Bible in isiZulu 1959/1997
IsiXhosa Bibles
Bible in isiXhosa 1996 translation
Bible in isiXhosa 1859/1975
Sepedi Bibles
Bible in Sepedi 2000 translation
Bible in Sepedi 1951/1986 translation
Sesotho Bibles
Bible in Sesotho 1989 translation (Standard Orthography)
Bible in Sesotho 1909/1961 translation (Standard Orthography)
Setswana Bibles
Bible in Setswana 1970/1987
Bible in Setswana 1908/1992
IsiNdebele Bible
Bible in isiNdebele 2012 translation
Siswati Bible
Bible in Siswati 1996 translation
Xitsonga Bibles
Bible in Xitsonga 1989 translation
Bible in Xitsonga 1929/2012
Tshivenḓa Bibles
Bible in Tshivenḓa 1998 translation
Bible in Tshivenḓa 1936 translation

Which app is best for you?

Here is a side by side comparison of both types of app to help you decide which is better for you.

Feature BibleSA Language specific app
Read complete Bibles Yes Yes
Bibles in all 11 official languages Yes Yes (app per language)
Includes latest 2020 translation for Afrikaans and isiZulu Bibles Yes Yes (in Afrikaans or isiZulu app respectively)
Compare multiple Bibles (split screen) No Yes
Highlight verses Yes Yes
Make custom notes for verses Yes Yes
Search for keywords and phrases in Bible Yes Yes
Customize font size & spacing for better readability Yes Yes
Share Bible verses with others Yes Yes
Follow our Verse-a-day daily devotion Yes No
Follow reading plans with daily reminders Yes No
Listen to audio Bibles Yes (streaming only) No
Bibles available 25+ (streaming) or download only specific Bibles for offline use Language specific, but all available for offline use
App contains ads No No
Download size ±33MB (more if you download Bibles for offline use) ±20MB (depends on language)
Free account needed to access all features Yes Yes
Data usage When reading Bibles that were not downloaded to device, streaming audio or using reading plans None after initial download of app
Platforms available Apple iStore
Google Play Store
BibleSA website
Visit our developer page on Google Play to view all the Bible apps as they become available. NOTE: Although currently only available on Google Play, we are working on making the apps available on other app stores as well.
Cost Free Free

3. Java enabled phones

If you have a Java enabled phone with limited internet access and storage space, we have just the app for you.

All Java enabled cellphones should be compatible with these apps and you can even download the Bible in sections if you have very limited storage available on your phone.

Visit for more information.

Support our Bible work

The apps were developed and made available for free by the Bible Society of South Africa. If you would like to support our Bible work further, you can make a donation here.

This post was published on Friday 30 April 2021