2 Million Bibles project

Help share the story of God’s amazing grace

In 2020, the Bible Society of South Africa will celebrate its 200-year
anniversary. We are deeply grateful for the grace and favour the Lord
has bestowed upon this organisation whose mission it is to provide
affordable Bibles to everyone in the language of their choice. It is
thanks to the Bible Society’s work of translating, producing and
distributing the Bible, that the people of South Africa can hear God
speak to them in each of the 11 official languages. In celebration of
this blessed and momentous milestone, we have set a special goal for
ourselves – to provide the people of South Africa with two million Bibles
over and above the Bibles that we distribute annually.

The need for Bibles

Research shows: there is still a need for 23 million Bibles in our country;
some 30 million South Africans live in poverty; the current employment
rate stands at 29%. Our 2 Million Bibles project will see us distribute two
million Bibles and two million sets of Bible-based literacy booklets to
address both Bible poverty among those who can least afford a Bible
as well as illiteracy in our country.

Support this worthy cause and help us to sow hope into our nation.
Be a sower of HOPE.

Visit: www.2millionbibles.co.za.

This post was published on Friday 1 November 2019