2 Million Bibles project

In August 2019, the Bible Society launched the ambitious 2 Million Bibles project as part of its bicentennial celebrations.

The project aims to address Bible poverty in South Africa by financially supporting the existing Bible Society projects like Bibles for Grade 7 learners, Bibles for the poor, Bibles for prisoners, Bibles for neighbouring countries, the Bible Listening Programme and the Bible-based literacy project.

Although Covid-19 had a huge impact on the amount of Bible distribution that could take place last year, the Bible Society’s mission was still carried forward by the 2 Million Bibles project. This is especially the case for Grade 7 learners and the poor to whom 20 758 and 37 498 complete Bibles were distributed respectively. This represents an increase of 43% compared to the previous year. A further 4 888 Bibles were also provided to prisoners.

Much support is still needed if the 2 Million Bibles project is to reach its goal. A donation of only R100 will allow the Bible Society to make one Bible and a set of Bible-based literacy booklets available.

Support this project and be a sower of hope.

Visit: www.2millionbibles.co.za.

This post was published on Monday 22 February 2021