Good News Translation (GNB)

The Search for Justice


Wis 6.1–11
Love justice, you rulers of the world. Set your minds sincerely on the Lord, and look for him with all honesty. 2Those who do not try to test him will find him; he will show himself to those who trust him. 3Dishonest thoughts separate people from God, and if we are foolish enough to test him, his power will put us to shame. 4Wisdom will never be at home with anyone who is deceitful or who is a slave of sin. 5Everyone who is holy has learnt to stay away from deceitful people. He will not stay around when foolish thoughts are being expressed; he will not feel comfortable when injustice is done.

God Is Aware of What We Say

6Wisdom is a spirit that is friendly to people, but she will not forgive anyone who speaks against God, for God knows our feelings and thoughts, and hears our every word. 7Since the Lord's Spirit fills the entire world, and holds everything in it together, she knows every word that people say. 8No one who speaks wickedly will escape notice; sooner or later he will receive just punishment. 9The intentions of ungodly people will be closely examined; their words will be reported to the Lord, and then they will get the punishment that their wickedness deserves. 10God will tolerate no challenge, and since he hears everything, you cannot hide your complaining from him. 11So be sure that you do not go about complaining — it does no good — and don't engage in bitter talk. The most secret things you say will have their consequences, and lying will destroy your soul.

God Did Not Create Death

12Do not bring on your own death by sinful actions. 13

Ezek 18.32
2 Esd 3.7
2 Pet 3.9
God did not invent death, and when living creatures die, it gives him no pleasure. 14He created everything so that it might continue to exist, and everything he created is wholesome and good. There is no deadly poison in it. No, death does not rule this world, 15for God's justice does not die.


Prov 8.36
Is 28.15
Sir 14.12
Ungodly people have brought death on themselves by the things they have said and done. They yearn for death as if it were a lover. They have gone into partnership with death, and it is just what they deserve.