Good News Translation (GNB)

Tobias Catches a Fish

61So Tobias and the angel started out towards Media, taking Tobias' dog along with them. They walked on until sunset, then camped by the River Tigris. 2Tobias had gone down to wash his feet in the river, when suddenly a huge fish jumped up out of the water and tried to swallow one of his feet. Tobias let out a yell, 3and the angel called to him, “Grab that fish! Don't let it get away.”

Then Tobias grabbed the fish and dragged it up on the bank.

4“Cut the fish open,” the angel instructed, “and take out its gall-bladder, heart, and liver. Keep these with you; they can be used for medicine, but throw away the guts.”

5Tobias did as the angel had told him. Then he cooked the fish, ate part of it, and salted the rest to take along with him.

The two continued on together until they were near Media. 6Then Tobias asked, “Azarias, my friend, what diseases can be cured by this gall-bladder, heart, and liver?”

7The angel answered, “The heart and liver can be burnt and used to chase away a demon or an evil spirit that is tormenting someone. The attacks will stop immediately, and the person will never be troubled again. 8You can use the gall-bladder to treat someone whose eyes are covered with a white film. Just rub it on his eyes and blow on the film, and he will be able to see again.”

On the Way to Ecbatana

9When they had reached Media and were approaching the city of Ecbatana, 10Raphael said, “Tobias, my friend.”

“Yes, what is it?” Tobias asked.

Raphael continued, “Tonight we will stay at the home of your relative Raguel. He has only one child, a daughter named Sarah, 11and since you are her closest relative, you have the right to marry her. You also have the right to inherit all her father's property. 12She is sensible, brave, and very beautiful; and her father is a good man. Tonight I'll discuss the marriage proposal with her father, and he will consent to give her to you as your bride. Then, when we return home from the town of Rages, we will celebrate the marriage. Raguel cannot refuse to let you marry her, and he cannot let any other man have her. If he did, then according to the Law of Moses he would deserve the death penalty. He knows that you are the only man who has the right to marry his daughter and receive the inheritance, so follow my advice. Raguel and I will discuss the matter tonight and arrange your engagement to Sarah. When we get back from the city of Rages, we will take her home with us.”

13Tobias then said to Raphael, “Azarias, my friend, I have already heard about Sarah's seven former husbands, and how each one dropped dead on his wedding night, even before he could get to bed. 14According to the story I heard, a demon killed them. He doesn't harm Sarah, but he kills every man who tries to get near her. I am afraid of this demon. I am an only child, and if I were to die, the sorrow would send my parents to their graves. They haven't even got another son to bury them.”

15The angel replied, “Have you already forgotten your father's instructions? He told you to marry a woman from your own tribe. So, listen carefully to what I say. Don't worry about the demon. Marry Sarah! I know that tonight Raguel will let Sarah marry you. 16When you go into the bedroom, take the fish's heart and liver with you and place them on the burning incense, 17so that the odour will spread throughout the room. When the demon smells it, he will leave and never come near Sarah again. But before you consummate the marriage, both of you must get up and pray for the Lord in heaven to be merciful to you and to protect you. Don't be afraid. Sarah was meant to be yours from the beginning of creation. You will rescue her from the demon, and she will go with you to your home. You and Sarah will have many children, whom you will love very much. So don't worry!”

Tobias listened very carefully to what Raphael had to say. He knew that Sarah was a relative on his father's side of the family. He began to fall in love with her and looked forward to marrying her.


At Raguel's House

71When Tobias and the angel Raphael had entered the city of Ecbatana, Tobias said, “Azarias, my friend, take me to see Raguel as quickly as you can.” The angel brought him to Raguel's house, where they found him sitting at the entrance to his courtyard. Raphael and Tobias greeted him first; then he replied, “Come in, my friends. You are welcome in my home.”

Raguel brought them into his house 2and said to his wife Edna, “Doesn't this young man look just like my cousin Tobit?”

3Edna asked them, “Where do you come from?”

“We are Israelites of the tribe of Naphtali,” Tobias and Raphael answered, “but we are now living in exile in the city of Nineveh in Assyria.”

4Edna said, “Do you know our cousin Tobit?”

“We certainly do know him,” they answered.

“How is he?” she asked.

5“He is alive and well,” they replied.

Then Tobias added, “Tobit is my father.” 6

Gen 33.4
Lk 15.20
At that Raguel got up, and with tears of joy in his eyes he kissed Tobias. 7Then he said, “God bless you, my child. Your father is a good and noble man. What a terrible tragedy that such an honest and generous man should have lost his sight!” He threw his arms round Tobias' neck and wept on his shoulder. 8His wife Edna and his daughter Sarah also wept for Tobit.

Raguel gave Tobias and Raphael a warm welcome and had one of his rams slaughtered. After the guests had bathed and were about to sit down to eat, Tobias said to Raphael, “Azarias, my friend, when are you going to ask Raguel to let me marry Sarah?”

9But Raguel overheard the question and said to Tobias, 10“Eat and drink something first and enjoy yourself this evening. You have the right to marry Sarah, and I cannot let anyone else marry her, because you are my closest relative. But I must tell you the truth, my son. 11I have already given her to seven men, all of them relatives. Each one died on his wedding night, as soon as he entered the bedroom. But now, my son, have something to eat and drink. The Lord will take care of you both.”

Tobias replied, “I won't eat or drink until you give me your word.”

12Raguel agreed. “Certainly I will,” he said. “I will give her to you just as the Law of Moses commands. God in heaven has arranged this marriage, so take her as your wife. From now on, you belong to each other. Sarah is yours today and for ever. May the Lord of heaven keep both of you safe tonight. May he be merciful and kind to you.”

The Marriage Ceremony

13Then Raguel called his daughter. When she came in, he took her by the hand and gave her to Tobias with his blessing, “Take her to be your wife according to the teachings in the Law of Moses. Take her safely with you to your father's house. May the God of heaven give you a happy life together.”

14Raguel asked his wife to bring him a blank scroll so that he could write out the marriage contract. Edna brought him the scroll, and Raguel wrote out the agreement, saying that Sarah was given to Tobias according to the teachings in the Law of Moses. 15After the ceremony they began the meal.

16Raguel called his wife and said, “Get the spare room ready, my dear, and take Sarah there.”

17Edna made up the bed as Raguel had told her. Then she took Sarah into the room with her, and Sarah began to cry.7.17 and Sarah began to cry; some manuscripts have and she began to cry. But Edna wiped away her tears and said, 18“Don't worry, Sarah. I'm sure the Lord of heaven will make you happy this time and not sad. So cheer up, my dear.” Then Edna left the room.


The Demon Is Expelled

81When they had finished the meal, and it was time to go to bed, Sarah's parents led young Tobias to the bedroom. 2He remembered Raphael's instructions, so he took the fish's liver and heart out of the bag where he had been keeping them. Then he placed them on the burning incense. 3

Mt 12.43
The smell drove the demon away from them, and he fled to Egypt.8.3 egypt: Egypt was thought of as the most remote part of the world and the home of demons and evil spirits. Raphael chased after him and caught him there. At once he bound him hand and foot.

The Prayer of Tobias

4When Tobias and Sarah were alone behind closed doors, Tobias got up from the bed and said to his wife, “Get up, dear. Let's pray for the Lord to be merciful and protect us.” 5

S of 3 Y 3
Sarah got up so that they could pray together and ask God for his protection. Then Tobias prayed:

“God of our ancestors, you are worthy of praise.

May your name be honoured for ever and ever

by all your creatures in heaven and on earth.


Gen 2.18
You created Adam and gave him his wife Eve

to be his helper and support.

They became the parents of the whole human race.

You said, ‘It is not good for man to live alone.

I will make a suitable helper for him.’

7Lord, I have chosen Sarah because it is right,

not because I lusted for her.

Please be merciful to us

and grant that we may grow old together.”

8Then they both said “Amen” 9and went to bed for the night.

Anxious Parents

Later that night, Raguel called his servants, and together they went out to dig a grave, 10because Raguel thought, “Tobias will probably die too, and people will laugh and make fun of us.” 11When they had finished digging the grave, Raguel went back into the house and said to his wife, 12“Send one of the servant women to find out if Tobias is still alive. If he isn't, then we will bury him before anyone finds out.” 13They then sent a servant woman to take a lamp and see if he was still alive. As she opened the door, she could see that both of them were sound asleep. 14So she went back and told Raguel and Edna that Tobias was alive and unharmed. 15Then Raguel8.15 Raguel; some manuscripts have they. praised the God of heaven:

Raguel's Prayer

“You are worthy of our praise, O God.

May your people praise you for ever,

may they praise you with pure hearts.

16I praise you because you have made me glad;

you have been merciful to us,

and my worst fears did not come true.

17You deserve our praise, O Lord;

you were merciful to this young couple,

the only children of their parents.

Now, grant them your mercy and protection.

Let them live out their lives in happiness and love.”

18Then Raguel ordered his servants to fill in the grave before dawn.

The Wedding Feast

19Raguel told his wife to bake enough bread for a big feast. Then he went out to the herd and brought back two oxen and four rams, which he ordered his servants to slaughter in preparation for the wedding feast. 20

Gen 24.55
He called for Tobias and vowed8.20 vowed; some manuscripts have said. that he would not let him leave for two weeks. “Stay, and we will eat and drink together,” he said. “It will do my daughter good after her terrible suffering. 21Then you may take half of what I own and go back to your father safe and sound. You will inherit the other half when Edna and I die. Have no doubts about our love for you; from now on you are as much our son as Sarah is our daughter. You can be sure of that, my son.”