Good News Translation (GNB)

Tobit's Song of Praise

131Then Tobit prayed:

“Praise the eternal God,

praise the one who rules.

2He punishes us; then he shows us mercy.

He sends us down to the world of the dead,

then he brings us up from the grave.

No one can escape his power.

3“People of Israel, give thanks among the nations,

where he sent you into exile;


Is 63.16
Jer 3.4
Wis 14.3
Sir 23.1,4
Mt 6.9
even there he showed his great power.

Let all who live hear your praise.

The Lord is our God and father for ever.

5“Though he punished you for your wickedness,

he will be merciful and bring you home

from among the nations where he scattered you.

6“Turn to him with all your heart and soul,

live in loyal obedience to him.

Then he will turn to you to help you

and will no longer hide himself.

Remember what God has done for you,

and give thanks with all your heart.

Praise the righteous Lord;

honour the eternal King.

“Although I live in exile in a foreign land,

I will give thanks to the Lord

and will speak of his great strength to a nation of sinners.

‘Turn away from your sins, and do what pleases God!

Perhaps he will be gracious

and show you his mercy.’

7“I praise my God and rejoice in his greatness;

my whole being honours the King of Heaven.

8“Let everyone tell of his greatness

and sing his praises in Jerusalem.


Is 60.1–22
Rev 21.9—22.5
“Jerusalem, holy city of our God,

he will punish you for the sins of your people,

but he will be merciful to all who do right.

10So give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

Praise the eternal King.13.10 Some manuscripts do not have verses 6b–10a Although I livePraise the eternal King.

Your Temple will be rebuilt,

and your people will be happy again.

“May the Lord make all your exiles glad,

may he take care of your suffering people

for as long as time shall last.

11“Jerusalem, your light will shine brightly for all the world,

and from far away many nations will come to you.

Their people will come to honour the Lord your God,

they will bring gifts for the King of Heaven.

In your streets many generations will sing joyful praise,

your name will endure for ever as God's chosen city.

12A curse will be on all who make threats against you,

on all who destroy you and tear down your walls,

on all who demolish your towers and burn your homes.

But all who honour you will be blessed for ever.

13“Rejoice, Jerusalem, because of your righteous people;

they will be gathered together from exile

to praise the Lord of the ages.

14“Happy are all who love you

and are pleased to see you prosper.

Those who mourn over your suffering now

will one day be happy;

your happiness will bring them joy for ever.

15“I praise the Lord, the great King;

16Jerusalem will be rebuilt

and will be his home for ever.

“Jerusalem, how happy I will be

when my descendants can see your splendour

and give thanks to the King of Heaven.

“Your gates will be built with sapphires and emeralds,

and all your walls with precious stones.

Your towers will be made of gold,

and their fortifications of pure gold.

17Your streets will be paved with rubies and precious jewels.

18Joyful songs will ring out from your gates,

and from all your houses people will shout,

‘Praise the Lord! Praise the God of Israel!’

“Jerusalem, God will bless your people,

and they will praise his holy name for ever.”

With these words Tobit ended his song of praise.


Tobit's Final Advice

141-2Tobit was 62 years old when he became blind, but after his sight had been restored, he lived a very full life. Once again he gave generously to the poor, and he continued to praise God and tell of his greatness. Tobit died a peaceful death at the age of 112, and was given an honourable burial in Nineveh.

3But just before Tobit died, he sent for his son Tobias and told him, 4

Neh 1.2—3.19
“My son, take your children and go at once to Media. I believe that God's judgement which his prophet Nahum announced against Nineveh is about to take place. Everything that God's prophets told Israel about Nineveh and Assyria will happen. It will all come true, every word of it, when the right time comes. I am absolutely convinced that everything God has said is sure to come true. God does not break his promises. It will be safer for you in Media than in Assyria or Babylon.

“Our fellow-Jews who live in Israel will all be scattered and taken from that good land into exile. All Israel will become a wilderness; Samaria and Jerusalem will be abandoned cities. God's Temple will be burnt to the ground and will lie in complete ruin for a while. 5But God will have mercy on his people again, and he will bring them back to the land of Israel. They will rebuild the Temple, but it will not be as splendid as the first Temple, not until the proper time has come. But when that time does come, all the people of Israel will return from exile, and they will rebuild the city of Jerusalem in all its former splendour. They will rebuild God's temple in Jerusalem, just as Israel's prophets have foretold.

6“Then all the nations in the world will come back to God. They will worship him as the only true God and give up the idols that led them into false worship. 7The nations of the world will praise the everlasting God by doing what he demands.

“At that time God will save all the people of Israel who have been faithful to him. He will bring them together to Jerusalem, and let them take possession of the land of Abraham, and there they will live securely for ever. All who love God with their heart and soul will rejoice, but all sinners and evil people will be wiped off the face of the earth.

8“Now, my children, follow my instructions. Worship God sincerely and do what is pleasing to him. 9Bring up your children to do what is right. Teach them that they must give to the poor and must always remember to praise God with all sincerity.

10“Tobias, my son, leave Nineveh now. Do not stay here. As soon as you bury your mother beside me, leave; do not stay another night within the city limits. It is a wicked city and full of immorality; the people here have no sense of shame. Remember what Nadab did to Ahikar his own uncle who had brought him up. He tried to kill Ahikar and forced him to go into hiding in a tomb. Ahikar came back into the light of day, but God sent Nadab down into everlasting darkness for what he had done. Ahikar escaped the deadly trap which Nadab had set for him, because Ahikar14.10 Ahikar; or I. had given generously to the poor. But Nadab fell into that fatal trap and it destroyed him. 11So now, my children, you see what happens to those who show their concern for others, and how death awaits those who treat others unjustly. But now I am very weak.”

Then they laid Tobit on his bed. He died and was given an honourable burial. 12Later on, Tobit's wife died and was buried beside her husband. Then Tobias and his wife moved to Ecbatana in Media, where they lived with Raguel, Tobias' father-in-law. 13Tobias took care of Edna and Raguel in their old age and showed them great respect. When at last they died, he buried them at Ecbatana. Tobias inherited Raguel's estate, as he had inherited the estate of his father Tobit.

14At the ripe old age of 117, Tobias died, 15having lived long enough to hear about the destruction of Nineveh and to see King Cyaxares14.15 Probable text Cyaxares; Greek unclear. of Media take the people away as captives. Tobias praised God for the way that he had punished the people of Nineveh and Assyria. As long as he lived he gave thanks for what God had done to Nineveh.