Good News Translation (GNB)

111When Tobias left, he was as happy as could be. He praised the Lord of heaven and earth, the King of all the world, because his journey had been so successful, and he promised to honour Raguel and his wife as long as they lived.11.1 successful, andlived; or successful. And Raguel made Tobias promise to honour him and Edna as long as they lived.

The Homecoming

As they came near the city of Kaserin, just outside Nineveh, 2Raphael said, “Tobias, you know the condition your father was in when we left him. 3We should go on ahead of your wife and get the house ready before everyone else arrives. 4Be sure to bring the fish's gall-bladder with you.” So they went on ahead, and Tobias' dog ran along with11.4 Tobias' dogwith; some manuscripts have the Lord accompanied. them.

5Meanwhile, Anna sat looking down the road for her son. 6Suddenly she saw him coming and shouted out to Tobit, “Look! Our son is coming, and his friend is with him!”

7Before they reached Tobit, Raphael said to Tobias, “Your father will be able to see again. 8Just put the fish's gall-bladder on his eyes like a plaster. The medicine will make the white film shrivel up so that you can peel it off, and your father will then regain his eyesight.”

9Anna ran to her son, threw her arms round him, and exclaimed, “Now that I have seen you alive, my child, I can die in peace!” And she wept for joy.

Tobit's Cure

10Tobit got up and stumbled out through the entrance of the courtyard. 11Tobias went up to him, holding the fish's gall-bladder in his hand. He blew on his father's eyes and steadied him. “Don't worry now, father,” he said. 12-13

Acts 9.18
Tobias then applied the gall, and beginning from the corners of Tobit's eyes, he peeled away the white film. 14Tobit threw his arms round Tobias' neck and wept for joy. Then he exclaimed, “I can see you! My son, the light of my eyes!

“Praise God. Praise him for his greatness.

Praise all his holy angels.

May he continue to bless us.

Praise all his angels for ever.

15He brought this illness upon me,

but now I can see my son Tobias!”

Then Tobias went happily into the house, praising God at the top of his voice. He told his father how successful he had been, that he had not only brought back the money, but had married Raguel's daughter Sarah, who was on her way and would soon arrive.

Sarah's Arrival

16Tobit was excited and praised God as he went out to meet his son's bride at the city gate. When the people of Nineveh saw him, they were amazed, because he was walking on his own, with no one leading him by the hand. 17Tobit praised God and told everyone how God in his mercy had restored his sight.

When Tobit met Sarah, he greeted her, “Welcome, daughter! Praise God for bringing you to us, my daughter. May God bless your father, as well as you and my son Tobias. Welcome to your new home. May you always be blessed with good health and happiness. Come in, my daughter!”

It was a day of great joy for all the Jews of Nineveh. 18Tobit's nephews Ahikar and Nadab called in to share Tobit's happiness with him.


The Angel Raphael

121When the wedding feast was over, Tobit called his son Tobias and said to him, “My son, be sure to pay your travelling companion, and don't forget to give him a bonus.”

2Tobias asked him, “Father, how much do you think I should pay him? I wouldn't mind giving him half of everything we brought back with us. 3He brought me home safe and sound; he went to get the money for me from Gabael; he rid my wife of a demon; and he cured your blindness. How much of a bonus should I give him?”

4Tobit answered, “Give him half of what he helped you bring back. He well deserves that.”

5Tobias then called Raphael and said to him, “Here is half of what you helped me bring back. You have earned it; have a safe journey home.”

6Then Raphael called the two men aside and said to them, “Praise God and tell everyone about the good things he has done for you, so that they too will honour him and sing his praises. Let everyone know what God has done. Never stop praising him.

7“It's a good idea to keep a king's secret, but what God does should be told everywhere, so that he may be praised and honoured.

“If you do good, no harm will come to you.


Sir 29.8–13
“It is better to pray sincerely and to please God by helping the poor than to be rich and dishonest. It is better to give to the poor than to store up gold. 9
Prov 11.4
Dan 4.27
Sir 3.30
Such generosity will save you from death and will wash away all your sins. Those who give to the poor will live full lives, 10but those who live a life of sin and wickedness are their own worst enemies.

11“I have already told you that a king's secret ought to be kept, but the things God does should be told to everyone. Now I will reveal to you the full truth and keep nothing back. 12

Job 33.23–24
Acts 10.4
Rev 8.3–4
Tobit, when you and Sarah prayed to the Lord, I was the one who brought your prayers into his glorious presence. I did the same thing each time you buried the dead. 13On the day you got up from the table without eating your meal in order to bury that corpse, God sent me to test you. 14But he also sent me to cure you and to rescue your daughter-in-law, Sarah, from her troubles. 15
Zech 4.10
Lk 1.19
Rev 8.2
I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand in the glorious presence of the Lord, ready to serve him.”

16Tobit and Tobias were terrified and fell to the ground, trembling with fear. 17But Raphael said to them, “Don't be afraid; everything is all right. Always remember to praise God. 18He wanted me to come and help you; I did not come on my own. So sing God's praises as long as you live. 19When you thought you saw me eating, I did not really eat anything; it only seemed as if I did. 20While you are on this earth, you must praise the Lord God and give him thanks. Now I must go back to him who sent me. Write down everything that has happened to you.”

21Then Raphael disappeared into the sky. Tobit and Tobias stood up, but they could no longer see him. 22They began to sing hymns of praise, giving thanks for all the mighty deeds God had done while his angel Raphael had been with them.


Tobit's Song of Praise

131Then Tobit prayed:

“Praise the eternal God,

praise the one who rules.

2He punishes us; then he shows us mercy.

He sends us down to the world of the dead,

then he brings us up from the grave.

No one can escape his power.

3“People of Israel, give thanks among the nations,

where he sent you into exile;


Is 63.16
Jer 3.4
Wis 14.3
Sir 23.1,4
Mt 6.9
even there he showed his great power.

Let all who live hear your praise.

The Lord is our God and father for ever.

5“Though he punished you for your wickedness,

he will be merciful and bring you home

from among the nations where he scattered you.

6“Turn to him with all your heart and soul,

live in loyal obedience to him.

Then he will turn to you to help you

and will no longer hide himself.

Remember what God has done for you,

and give thanks with all your heart.

Praise the righteous Lord;

honour the eternal King.

“Although I live in exile in a foreign land,

I will give thanks to the Lord

and will speak of his great strength to a nation of sinners.

‘Turn away from your sins, and do what pleases God!

Perhaps he will be gracious

and show you his mercy.’

7“I praise my God and rejoice in his greatness;

my whole being honours the King of Heaven.

8“Let everyone tell of his greatness

and sing his praises in Jerusalem.


Is 60.1–22
Rev 21.9—22.5
“Jerusalem, holy city of our God,

he will punish you for the sins of your people,

but he will be merciful to all who do right.

10So give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

Praise the eternal King.13.10 Some manuscripts do not have verses 6b–10a Although I livePraise the eternal King.

Your Temple will be rebuilt,

and your people will be happy again.

“May the Lord make all your exiles glad,

may he take care of your suffering people

for as long as time shall last.

11“Jerusalem, your light will shine brightly for all the world,

and from far away many nations will come to you.

Their people will come to honour the Lord your God,

they will bring gifts for the King of Heaven.

In your streets many generations will sing joyful praise,

your name will endure for ever as God's chosen city.

12A curse will be on all who make threats against you,

on all who destroy you and tear down your walls,

on all who demolish your towers and burn your homes.

But all who honour you will be blessed for ever.

13“Rejoice, Jerusalem, because of your righteous people;

they will be gathered together from exile

to praise the Lord of the ages.

14“Happy are all who love you

and are pleased to see you prosper.

Those who mourn over your suffering now

will one day be happy;

your happiness will bring them joy for ever.

15“I praise the Lord, the great King;

16Jerusalem will be rebuilt

and will be his home for ever.

“Jerusalem, how happy I will be

when my descendants can see your splendour

and give thanks to the King of Heaven.

“Your gates will be built with sapphires and emeralds,

and all your walls with precious stones.

Your towers will be made of gold,

and their fortifications of pure gold.

17Your streets will be paved with rubies and precious jewels.

18Joyful songs will ring out from your gates,

and from all your houses people will shout,

‘Praise the Lord! Praise the God of Israel!’

“Jerusalem, God will bless your people,

and they will praise his holy name for ever.”

With these words Tobit ended his song of praise.