Good News Translation (GNB)

The Journey to Rages

91Then Tobias called Raphael and said to him, 2“Azarias, take four of the servants with you, and two camels, and go to Gabael's house in the town of Rages. Give him the signed document, so that he will give you the money. Then bring him back with you for the wedding feast. 3-4You know that my father is counting the days until I come home, and he will be very upset if I am even one day late. You know, too, how Raguel insists that I must stay, and I cannot disappoint him.”

5So Raphael and the four servants went to Rages in Media, where they stayed at Gabael's house. Raphael gave him the signed document and told him that Tobit's son Tobias had recently married, and that Gabael was invited to the wedding feast. At once Gabael counted out the bags of money, which were still sealed, and they loaded them on the camels.9.5 loaded them on the camels; some manuscripts have stacked them up. 6Very early the next morning, they set out for the wedding feast. When Raphael and Gabael came to Raguel's house, they found Tobias at dinner. Tobias immediately got up and greeted Gabael. With tears in his eyes Gabael returned the greeting and added, “You are just like your honest and generous father. May the Lord in heaven bless you and your wife, your mother-in-law, and your father. Praise God! He has let me live to see my cousin Tobias, who looks so much like his father.”


Tobit and Anna Are Worried

101Meanwhile, every day Tobit was keeping count of the time needed to travel to Rages and back. When the time was up and his son had not returned, Tobit said to his wife, 2“What can be keeping him? Do you suppose Gabael has died? Maybe there is no one to give him the money.” 3Tobit was very worried.

4Then Anna said, “My son is dead. I'm sure of it.” She began to weep and to mourn for Tobias, 5“Oh, my son, the joy of my life, why did I ever let you leave home?”

6Tobit tried to comfort her. “Calm down, my dear,” he said. “Don't worry. He will be all right. Something unexpected is probably keeping them there longer than we counted on. Besides, his companion is a reliable man and a relative at that. Don't let yourself get so upset over him, dear. I'm sure he is already on his way home.”

7But she replied, “Be quiet and leave me alone! Don't try to fool me. My son is dead.” Each day she would rush out of the house to the road which Tobias had taken and would watch for him until sunset. She would let no one comfort her,10.7 She would let no one comfort her; some manuscripts have She would not eat a bite. and when she returned home she would weep and mourn for her son all night long, without sleeping.

Departure from Ecbatana

The two-week wedding feast which Raguel had promised to hold for his daughter Sarah came to an end. So Tobias went to him and asked, “Please let me go home now. I'm certain my parents have given up all hope of ever seeing me again. Please, Raguel, let me go home to my father. I have already told you the condition he was in when I left.”

8But Raguel answered, “Stay, my son. Stay here with me. I will send messengers to your father to tell him that you are all right.”

9But Tobias insisted, “No, I can't! Please let me go back to my father.”

10So Raguel gave Tobias his bride Sarah without further delay. He also gave Tobias half of everything he owned: slaves, cattle, sheep, donkeys, camels, clothes, money and furniture. 11Raguel embraced Tobias and sent them on their way with his blessing, “Goodbye, my son. Have a safe journey. May the Lord of heaven protect you and Sarah. And may I live to see your children.” 12Raguel then said to Sarah, “Go with your husband and live in his parents' house. From now on they are as much your parents as your own mother and I are. Let me hear only good things about you as long as I live.” After saying goodbye he sent them on their way.

Then Edna said to Tobias, “Tobias my dear child, may the Lord bring you safely home. And may he let me live to see your children. The Lord is my witness; I am placing my daughter in your care. Never, at any time in your life, do anything that would break her heart. Have a safe journey, Tobias. From now on, Sarah is your wife and I am your mother. May we all prosper as long as we live.” Then Edna kissed them both and sent them safely on their way.


111When Tobias left, he was as happy as could be. He praised the Lord of heaven and earth, the King of all the world, because his journey had been so successful, and he promised to honour Raguel and his wife as long as they lived.11.1 successful, andlived; or successful. And Raguel made Tobias promise to honour him and Edna as long as they lived.

The Homecoming

As they came near the city of Kaserin, just outside Nineveh, 2Raphael said, “Tobias, you know the condition your father was in when we left him. 3We should go on ahead of your wife and get the house ready before everyone else arrives. 4Be sure to bring the fish's gall-bladder with you.” So they went on ahead, and Tobias' dog ran along with11.4 Tobias' dogwith; some manuscripts have the Lord accompanied. them.

5Meanwhile, Anna sat looking down the road for her son. 6Suddenly she saw him coming and shouted out to Tobit, “Look! Our son is coming, and his friend is with him!”

7Before they reached Tobit, Raphael said to Tobias, “Your father will be able to see again. 8Just put the fish's gall-bladder on his eyes like a plaster. The medicine will make the white film shrivel up so that you can peel it off, and your father will then regain his eyesight.”

9Anna ran to her son, threw her arms round him, and exclaimed, “Now that I have seen you alive, my child, I can die in peace!” And she wept for joy.

Tobit's Cure

10Tobit got up and stumbled out through the entrance of the courtyard. 11Tobias went up to him, holding the fish's gall-bladder in his hand. He blew on his father's eyes and steadied him. “Don't worry now, father,” he said. 12-13

Acts 9.18
Tobias then applied the gall, and beginning from the corners of Tobit's eyes, he peeled away the white film. 14Tobit threw his arms round Tobias' neck and wept for joy. Then he exclaimed, “I can see you! My son, the light of my eyes!

“Praise God. Praise him for his greatness.

Praise all his holy angels.

May he continue to bless us.

Praise all his angels for ever.

15He brought this illness upon me,

but now I can see my son Tobias!”

Then Tobias went happily into the house, praising God at the top of his voice. He told his father how successful he had been, that he had not only brought back the money, but had married Raguel's daughter Sarah, who was on her way and would soon arrive.

Sarah's Arrival

16Tobit was excited and praised God as he went out to meet his son's bride at the city gate. When the people of Nineveh saw him, they were amazed, because he was walking on his own, with no one leading him by the hand. 17Tobit praised God and told everyone how God in his mercy had restored his sight.

When Tobit met Sarah, he greeted her, “Welcome, daughter! Praise God for bringing you to us, my daughter. May God bless your father, as well as you and my son Tobias. Welcome to your new home. May you always be blessed with good health and happiness. Come in, my daughter!”

It was a day of great joy for all the Jews of Nineveh. 18Tobit's nephews Ahikar and Nadab called in to share Tobit's happiness with him.