Good News Translation (GNB)
The Women

61Most beautiful of women,

where has your lover gone?

Tell us which way your lover went,

so that we can help you find him.

The Woman

2My lover has gone to his garden,

where the balsam trees grow.

He is feeding his flock in the garden

and gathering lilies.

3My lover is mine, and I am his;

he feeds his flock among the lilies.

The Fifth Song

The Man

4My love, you are as beautiful as Jerusalem,

as lovely as the city of Tirzah,

as breathtaking as these great cities.6.4 as breathtaking ascities; Hebrew unclear.

5Turn your eyes away from me;

they are holding me captive.

Your hair dances, like a flock of goats

bounding down the hills of Gilead.

6Your teeth are as white as a flock of sheep

that have just been washed.

Not one of them is missing;

they are all perfectly matched.

7Your cheeks glow behind your veil.

8Let the king have sixty queens, eighty concubines,

young women without number!

9But I love only one,

and she is as lovely as a dove.

She is her mother's only daughter,

her mother's favourite child.

All women look at her and praise her;

queens and concubines sing her praises.

10Who is this whose glance is like the dawn?

She is beautiful and bright,

as dazzling as the sun or the moon.6.10 as dazzling asmoon; Hebrew unclear.

11I have come down among the almond trees

to see the young plants in the valley,

to see the new leaves on the vines

and the blossoms on the pomegranate trees.

12I am trembling; you have made me as eager for love

as a chariot driver is for battle.6.12 Verse 12 in Hebrew is unclear.

The Women

13Dance, dance,6.13 Dance, dance; or Come back, come back. girl of Shulam.

Let us watch you as you dance.

The Woman

Why do you want to watch me

as I dance between the rows of onlookers?

The Man

71What a wonderful woman you are!

How beautiful are your feet in sandals.

The curve of your thighs

is like the work of an artist.

2A bowl is there,

that never runs out of spiced wine.

A sheaf of wheat is there,

surrounded by lilies.

3Your breasts are like twin deer,

like two gazelles.

4Your neck is like a tower of ivory.

Your eyes are like the pools in the city of Heshbon,

near the gate of that great city.

Your nose is as lovely as the tower of Lebanon

that stands guard at Damascus.

5Your head is held high like Mount Carmel.

Your braided hair shines like the finest satin;

its beauty7.5 beauty; Hebrew unclear. could hold a king captive.

6How pretty you are, how beautiful;

how complete the delights of your love.

7You are as graceful as a palm tree,

and your breasts are clusters of dates.

8I will climb the palm tree

and pick its fruit.

To me your breasts are like bunches of grapes,

your breath like the fragrance of apples,

9and your mouth like the finest wine.

The Woman

Then let the wine flow straight to my lover,

flowing over his lips and teeth.7.9 Some ancient translations lips and teeth; Hebrew lips of those who sleep.

10I belong to my lover, and he desires me.

11Come, darling, let's go out to the countryside

and spend the night in the villages.7.11 villages; or fields.

12We will get up early and look at the vines

to see whether they've started to grow,

whether the blossoms are opening

and the pomegranate trees are in bloom.

There I will give you my love.

13You can smell the scent of mandrakes,

and all the pleasant fruits are near our door.

Darling, I have kept for you

the old delights and the new.


81I wish that you were my brother,

that my mother had nursed you at her breast.

Then, if I met you in the street,

I could kiss you and no one would mind.

2I would take you to my mother's house,

where you could teach me love.

I would give you spiced wine,

my pomegranate wine to drink.

3Your left hand is under my head,

and your right hand caresses me.

4Promise me, women of Jerusalem,

that you will not interrupt our love.

The Sixth Song

The Women

5Who is this coming from the desert,

arm in arm with her lover?

The Woman

Under the apple tree I woke you,

in the place where you were born.

6Close your heart to every love but mine;

hold no one in your arms but me.

Love is as powerful as death;

passion is as strong as death itself.

It bursts into flame

and burns like a raging fire.

7Water cannot put it out;

no flood can drown it.

But if anyone tried to buy love with wealth,

contempt is all they would get.

The Woman's Brothers

8We have a young sister,

and her breasts are still small.

What will we do for her

when a young man comes courting?

9If she is a wall,

we will build her a silver tower.

But if she is a gate,

we will protect her with panels of cedar.

The Woman

10I am a wall,

and my breasts are its towers.

My lover knows that with him

I find contentment and peace.

The Man

11Solomon has a vineyard

in a place called Baal Hamon.

There are farmers who rent it from him;

each one pays a thousand silver coins.

12Solomon is welcome to his thousand coins,

and the farmers to 200 as their share;

I have a vineyard of my own!

13Let me hear your voice from the garden, my love;

my companions are waiting to hear you speak.

The Woman

14Come to me, my lover, like a gazelle,

like a young stag on the mountains where spices grow.