Good News Translation (GNB)

In Praise of Wisdom


Prov 2.6
All wisdom comes from the Lord,

and Wisdom is with him for ever.

2Who can count raindrops or the sand along the shore?

Who can count the days of eternity?

3How high is the sky? How wide is the earth?

How deep is the ocean? How profound is Wisdom?

Can anyone find answers to these questions?

4Wisdom was created before anything else;

understanding has always existed.1.4 Some manuscripts add verse 5: The source of Wisdom is the word of God on high; her ways are eternal commands.

6Has anyone ever been shown where Wisdom originates?

Does anyone understand her subtle cleverness?1.6 Some manuscripts add verse 7: To whom has the knowledge of Wisdom been revealed? Who has understood her great experience?

8There is only one who is wise,

and we must stand in awe before his throne.


Prov 8.22–31
Sir 29.9
The Lord himself created Wisdom;

he saw her and recognized her value,

and so he filled everything he made with Wisdom.

10He gave some measure of Wisdom to everyone,

but poured her out on those who love him.

11If you fear the Lord, honour and pride will be yours;

you will be crowned with happiness and joy.

12To honour the Lord is a heartfelt delight;

it will give you a long and happy life,

13and at the end of your days all will go well for you.

God will bless you on the day of your death.

14To fear the Lord is the first step to Wisdom.

Wisdom is given to the faithful in their mothers' wombs.

15She has lived with us from ancient times,

and generations to come will rely on her.

16To fear the Lord is Wisdom at her fullest;

she satisfies us completely with her gifts


Wis 7.11
and fills our homes and barns

with all that our hearts can desire.

18To fear the Lord is the flower of Wisdom

that blossoms with peace and good health.1.18 Some manuscripts add: He saw her and recognized her value (see 1.9).

19She sends knowledge and understanding like the rain,

and increases the honour of those who receive her.


Prov 3.16
To fear the Lord is the root of Wisdom;

her branches are long life.1.20 Some manuscripts add verse 21: Honouring the Lord takes sin away; where the fear of the Lord is found, it turns away anger.


22There is no excuse for unjustified anger; it can bring about your downfall. 23Wait and be patient, and later you will be glad you did. 24Keep quiet until the right time to speak, and you will gain a reputation for good sense.

Wisdom and Reverence for God

25Wisdom has a treasury of wise sayings, but sinners have nothing but contempt for godliness. 26If you want to be wise, keep the Lord's commands, and he will give you Wisdom in abundance. 27Fearing the Lord is Wisdom and an education in itself. He is pleased by loyalty and humility. 28Be faithful in the practice of your religion; when you worship the Lord, do it with all your heart. 29Be careful about what you say, and don't be a hypocrite. 30Don't be arrogant; you may suffer a fall and be disgraced. The Lord will reveal your secrets and humble you in front of everyone in the synagogue, because you did not come there with reverence for the Lord, but with a heart full of hypocrisy.