Good News Translation (GNB)

God's Glory in CreationPs 19 Hebrew title: A psalm by David.

191How clearly the sky reveals God's glory!

How plainly it shows what he has done!

2Each day announces it to the following day;

each night repeats it to the next.

3No speech or words are used,

no sound is heard;


Rom 10.18
yet their message19.4 Some ancient translations message; Hebrew line. goes out to all the world

and is heard to the ends of the earth.

God made a home in the sky for the sun;

5it comes out in the morning like a happy bridegroom,

like an athlete eager to run a race.

6It starts at one end of the sky

and goes across to the other.

Nothing can hide from its heat.

The Law of the LORD

7The law of the LORD is perfect;

it gives new strength.

The commands of the LORD are trustworthy,

giving wisdom to those who lack it.

8The laws of the LORD are right,

and those who obey them are happy.

The commands of the LORD are just

and give understanding to the mind.

9Reverence for the LORD is good;

it will continue for ever.

The judgements of the LORD are just;

they are always fair.

10They are more desirable than the finest gold;

they are sweeter than the purest honey.

11They give knowledge to me, your servant;

I am rewarded for obeying them.

12No one can see his own errors;

deliver me, LORD, from hidden faults!

13Keep me safe, also, from wilful sins;

don't let them rule over me.

Then I shall be perfect

and free from the evil of sin.

14May my words and my thoughts be acceptable to you,

O LORD, my refuge and my redeemer!


A Prayer for VictoryPs 20 Hebrew title: A psalm by David.

201May the LORD answer you when you are in trouble!

May the God of Jacob protect you!

2May he send you help from his Temple

and give you aid from Mount Zion.

3May he accept all your offerings

and be pleased with all your sacrifices.

4May he give you what you desire

and make all your plans succeed.

5Then we will shout for joy over your victory

and celebrate your triumph by praising our God.

May the LORD answer all your requests.

6Now I know that the LORD gives victory to his chosen king;

he answers him from his holy heaven

and by his power gives him great victories.

7Some trust in their war chariots

and others in their horses,

but we trust in the power of the LORD our God.

8Such people will stumble and fall,

but we will rise and stand firm.

9Give victory to the king, O LORD;

answer20.9 Some ancient translations answer; Hebrew he will answer. us when we call.


Praise for VictoryPs 21 Hebrew title: A psalm by David.

211The king is glad, O LORD, because you gave him strength;

he rejoices because you made him victorious.

2You have given him his heart's desire;

you have answered his request.

3You came to him with great blessings

and set a crown of gold on his head.

4He asked for life, and you gave it,

a long and lasting life.

5His glory is great because of your help;

you have given him fame and majesty.

6Your blessings are with him for ever

and your presence fills him with joy.

7The king trusts in the LORD Almighty;

and because of the LORD's constant love

he will always be secure.

8The king will capture all his enemies;

he will capture everyone who hates him.

9He will destroy them like a blazing fire

when he appears.

The LORD will devour them in his anger,

and fire will consume them.

10None of their descendants will survive;

the king will kill them all.

11They make their plans, and plot against him,

but they will not succeed.

12He will shoot his arrows at them

and make them turn and run.

13We praise you, LORD, for your great strength!

We will sing and praise your power.