Good News Translation (GNB)

The Offerings of the Leaders

71On the day Moses finished setting up the Tent of the LORD's presence, he anointed and dedicated the Tent and all its equipment, and the altar and all its equipment. 2Then the clan chiefs who were leaders in the tribes of Israel, the same men who were in charge of the census, 3brought their offerings to the LORD: six wagons and twelve oxen, a wagon for every two leaders and an ox for each leader. After they had presented them, 4the LORD said to Moses, 5“Accept these gifts for use in the work to be done for the Tent; give them to the Levites according to the work they have to do.” 6So Moses gave the wagons and the oxen to the Levites. 7He gave two wagons and four oxen to the Gershonites, 8and four wagons and eight oxen to the Merarites. All their work was to be done under the direction of Ithamar son of Aaron. 9But Moses gave no wagons or oxen to the Kohathites, because the sacred objects they took care of had to be carried on their shoulders.

10The leaders also brought offerings to celebrate the dedication of the altar. When they were ready to present their gifts at the altar, 11the LORD said to Moses, “Tell them that each day for a period of twelve days one of the leaders is to present his gifts for the dedication of the altar.”

12-83They presented their offerings in the following order:

Day Tribe Leader
1st Judah Nahshon son of Amminadab
2nd Issachar Nethanel son of Zuar
3rd Zebulun Eliab son of Helon
4th Reuben Elizur son of Shedeur
5th Simeon Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai
6th Gad Eliasaph son of Deuel
7th Ephraim Elishama son of Ammihud
8th Manasseh Gamaliel son of Pedahzur
9th Benjamin Abidan son of Gideoni
10th Dan Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai
11th Asher Pagiel son of Ochran
12th Naphtali Ahira son of Enan

The offerings each one brought were identical: one silver bowl weighing 1.5 kilogrammes and one silver basin weighing 800 grammes, by the official standard, both of them full of flour mixed with oil for the grain offering; one gold dish weighing 110 grammes, full of incense; one young bull, one ram, and a one-year-old lamb, for the burnt offering; one goat for the sin offering; and two bulls, five rams, five goats, and five one-year-old lambs for the fellowship offering.

84-88The totals of the offerings brought by the twelve leaders for the dedication of the altar were as follows:

— twelve silver bowls and twelve silver basins weighing a total of 27.6 kilogrammes

— twelve gold dishes weighing a total of 1.32 kilogrammes, filled with incense

— twelve bulls, twelve rams, and twelve one-year-old lambs, together with the grain offerings that go with them, for the burnt offerings

— twelve goats for the sin offerings

— 24 bulls, sixty rams, sixty goats, sixty one-year-old lambs, for the fellowship offerings.

89When Moses went into the Tent to talk with the LORD, he heard the LORD speaking to him from above the lid on the Covenant Box, between the two winged creatures.7.89 winged creatures: See Word List.


Placing the Lamps


Ex 25.31–40
The LORD said to Moses, 2“Tell Aaron that when he puts the seven lamps on the lampstand, he should place them so that the light shines towards the front.” 3Aaron obeyed and placed the lamps facing the front of the lampstand. 4From top to bottom the lampstand was made of hammered gold, according to the pattern that the LORD had shown Moses.

The Purification and Dedication of the Levites

5The LORD said to Moses, 6“Separate the Levites from the rest of the people of Israel and purify them 7in the following way: sprinkle them with the water of purification and tell them to shave their whole bodies and to wash their clothes. Then they will be ritually clean. 8Then they are to take a young bull and the required grain offering of flour mixed with olive oil; and you are to take another bull for the sin offering. 9Then assemble the whole community of Israel and make the Levites stand in front of the Tent of my presence. 10The people of Israel are to place their hands on the heads of the Levites, 11and then Aaron shall dedicate the Levites to me as a special gift from the Israelites, so that they may do my work. 12The Levites shall then put their hands on the heads of the two bulls; one is to be offered as a sin offering and the other as a burnt offering, in order to perform the ritual of purification for the Levites.

13“Dedicate the Levites as a special gift to me, and put Aaron and his sons in charge of them. 14Separate the Levites in this way from the rest of the Israelites, so that they will belong to me. 15After you have purified and dedicated the Levites, they will be qualified to work in the Tent. 16I have claimed them in the place of all the firstborn sons of the Israelites, and they belong to me alone. 17

Ex 13.2
When I killed all the firstborn in Egypt, I consecrated as my own the eldest son of each Israelite family and the firstborn of every animal. 18I am now taking the Levites instead of all the firstborn of the Israelites, 19and I assign the Levites to Aaron and his sons, as a gift from the Israelites, to work in the Tent for the people of Israel and to protect the Israelites from the disaster that would strike them if they came too near the Holy Place.”

20So Moses, Aaron, and all the people of Israel dedicated the Levites, as the LORD commanded Moses. 21The Levites purified themselves and washed their clothes, and Aaron dedicated them as a special gift to the LORD. He also performed the ritual of purification for them. 22The people did everything the LORD had commanded Moses concerning the Levites. And so the Levites were qualified to work in the Tent under Aaron and his sons.

23The LORD said to Moses, 24“From the age of 25 each Levite shall perform his duties in the Tent of my presence, 25and at the age of fifty he shall retire. 26After that, he may help his fellow-Levites in performing their duties in the Tent, but he must not perform any service by himself. This is how you are to regulate the duties of the Levites.”


The Second Passover


Ex 12.1–13
The LORD spoke to Moses in the Sinai Desert in the first month of the second year after the people of Israel had left Egypt. He said, 2-3“On the fourteenth day of this month, beginning at sunset, the people of Israel are to observe the Passover according to all the rules and regulations for it.” 4So Moses told the people to observe the Passover, 5and on the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month they did so in the Sinai Desert. The people did everything just as the LORD had commanded Moses.

6But there were some people who were ritually unclean because they had touched a corpse, and they were not able to keep the Passover on that day. They went to Moses and Aaron 7and said, “We are unclean because we have touched a corpse, but why should we be excluded from presenting the LORD's offering with the rest of the Israelites?”

8Moses answered, “Wait until I receive instructions from the LORD.”

9The LORD told Moses 10to say to the people of Israel, “When any of you or your descendants are unclean from touching a corpse or are far away on a journey, but still want to keep the Passover, 11you are permitted to observe it one month later instead, on the evening of the fourteenth day of the second month. Celebrate it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. 12

Ex 12.46
Jn 19.36
Do not leave any of the food until the following morning and do not break any of the animal's bones. Observe the Passover according to all the regulations. 13But anyone who is ritually clean and not away on a journey and who does not observe the Passover, shall no longer be considered one of my people, because he did not present the offering to me at the appointed time. He must suffer the consequences of his sin.

14“If foreigners living among you want to keep the Passover, they must observe it according to all the rules and regulations. The same law applies to everyone, whether native or foreigner.”

The Fiery Cloud

(Ex 40.34–38)

15-16On the day the Tent of the Lord's presence was set up, a cloud came and covered it. At night the cloud looked like fire. 17Whenever the cloud lifted, the people of Israel broke camp, and they set up camp again in the place where the cloud came down. 18The people broke camp at the command of the LORD, and at his command they set up camp. As long as the cloud stayed over the Tent, they stayed in the same camp. 19When the cloud stayed over the Tent for a long time, they obeyed the LORD and did not move on. 20Sometimes the cloud remained over the Tent for only a few days; in any case, they remained in camp or moved, according to the command of the LORD. 21Sometimes the cloud remained only from evening until morning, and they moved on as soon as the cloud lifted. Whenever the cloud lifted, they moved on. 22Whether it was two days, a month, a year, or longer, as long as the cloud remained over the Tent, they did not move on; but when it lifted, they moved. 23They set up camp and broke camp in obedience to the commands which the LORD gave through Moses.