Good News Translation (GNB)

161-2I have heard words like that before;

the comfort you give is only torment.

3Are you going to keep on talking for ever?

Do you always have to have the last word?

4If you were in my place and I in yours,

I could say everything you are saying.

I could shake my head wisely

and drown you with a flood of words.

5I could strengthen you with advice

and keep talking to comfort you.

6But nothing I say helps,

and being silent does not calm my pain.

7You have worn me out, God;

you have let my family be killed.

8You have seized me; you are my enemy.

I am skin and bones,

and people take that as proof of my guilt.16.8 Verses 7–8 in Hebrew are unclear.

9In anger God tears me limb from limb;

he glares at me with hate.

10People sneer at me;

they crowd round me and slap my face.

11God has handed me over to evil people.

12I was living in peace,

but God took me by the throat

and battered me and crushed me.

God uses me for target practice

13and shoots arrows at me from every side —

arrows that pierce and wound me;

and even then he shows no pity.

14He wounds me again and again;

he attacks like a soldier gone mad with hate.

15I mourn and wear clothes made of sackcloth,

and I sit here in the dust defeated.

16I have cried until my face is red,

and my eyes are swollen and circled with shadows,

17but I am not guilty of any violence,

and my prayer to God is sincere.

18O Earth, don't hide the wrongs done to me!

Don't let my call for justice be silenced!


Job 19.25
There is someone in heaven

to stand up for me and take my side.

20My friends scorn me;

my eyes pour out tears to God.

21I want someone to plead with God for me,

as one pleads for a friend.

22My years are passing now,

and I walk the road of no return.


171The end of my life is near. I can hardly breathe;

there is nothing left for me but the grave.

2I watch how bitterly everyone mocks me.

3I am being honest, God. Accept my word.

There is no one else to support what I say.

4You have closed their minds to reason;

don't let them triumph over me now.

5In the old proverb someone betrays his friends for money,

and his children suffer for it.17.5 someonesuffer for it; or someone entertains his friends while his children go hungry.

6And now people use this proverb against me;

they come and spit in my face.

7My grief has almost made me blind;

my arms and legs are as thin as shadows.

8Those who claim to be honest are shocked,

and they all condemn me as godless.

9Those who claim to be respectable

are more and more convinced they are right.

10But if all of them came and stood before me,

I would not find even one of them wise.

11My days have passed; my plans have failed;

my hope is gone.

12But my friends say night is daylight;

they say that light is near,

but I know I remain in darkness.

13My only hope is the world of the dead,

where I will lie down to sleep in the dark.

14I will call the grave my father,

and the worms that eat me

I will call my mother and my sisters.

15Where is there any hope for me?

Who sees any?

16Hope will not go with me17.16 One ancient translation with me; Hebrew unclear.

when I go down to the world of the dead.


181-2Job, can't people like you ever be quiet?

If you stopped to listen, we could talk to you.

3What makes you think we are as stupid as cattle?

4You are only hurting yourself with your anger.

Will the earth be deserted because you are angry?

Will God move mountains to satisfy you?


Job 21.17
The light of the wicked will still be put out;

its flame will never burn again.

6The lamp in their tents will be darkened.

7Their steps were firm, but now they stumble;

they fall — victims of their own advice.

8They walk into a net, and their feet are caught;

9a trap catches their heels and holds them.

10On the ground a snare is hidden;

a trap has been set in their path.

11All round them terror is waiting;

it follows them at every step.

12They used to be rich, but now they go hungry;

disaster stands and waits at their side.

13A deadly disease spreads over their bodies

and causes their arms and legs to rot.

14They are torn from the tents where they lived secure,

and are dragged off to face King Death.

15Now anyone may live in their tents —18.15 Now anyone may live in their tents; Hebrew unclear.

after sulphur is sprinkled to disinfect them!18.15 to disinfect them: Sulphur was used in the ancient world as a disinfectant and to clean rooms that had contained corpses.

16Their roots and branches are withered and dry.

17Their fame is ended at home and abroad;

no one remembers them any more.

18They will be driven out of the land of the living,

driven from light into darkness.

19They have no descendants, no survivors.

20From east to west, all who hear of their fate

shudder and tremble with fear.

21That is the fate of wicked people,

the fate of those who care nothing for God.