Good News Translation (GNB)

411Next, the man took me into the central room, the Holy Place. He measured the passage leading into it: it was three metres deep41.1 Hebrew has two additional words, the meaning of which is unclear. 2and five metres wide, with walls 2.5 metres thick on either side. He measured the room itself: it was twenty metres long, and ten metres wide.

3Then he went to the innermost room. He measured the passage leading into it: it was one metre deep and three metres wide, with walls on either side 3.5 metres thick.41.3 One ancient translation with walls on either side 3.5 metres thick; Hebrew and 3.5 metres thick. 4He measured the room itself, and it was ten metres square. This room was beyond the central room. Then he said to me, “This is the Most Holy Place.”

The Rooms Built against the Temple Walls

5The man measured the thickness of the inner wall of the temple building, and it was three metres. Against this wall, all round the Temple, was a series of small rooms two metres wide. 6These rooms were in three storeys, with thirty rooms on each floor. The Temple's outer wall on each floor was thinner than on the floor below, so that the rooms could rest on the wall without being anchored into it. 7And so the temple walls, when seen from the outside, seemed to have the same thickness all the way to the top. Against the Temple's outer wall, on the outside of the rooms, two wide stairways were built, so that it was possible to go from the lower storey to the middle and the upper storeys.41.7 Verse 7 in Hebrew is unclear. 8-11The outside wall of these rooms was 2.5 metres thick; there was one door into the rooms on the north side of the Temple, and one into those on the south side. I saw that there was a terrace 2.5 metres wide all round the Temple; it was three metres above the ground and it was level with the foundation of the rooms by the temple walls. Between the terrace and the buildings used by the priests there was an open space ten metres across, along the sides of the Temple.

The Building on the West

12At the far end of the open space on the west side of the Temple there was a building 45 metres long and 35 metres wide; its walls were 2.5 metres thick all round.

The Total Measurements of the Temple Building

13The man measured the outside of the Temple, and it was fifty metres long. And from the back of the Temple, across the open space to the far side of the building to the west, the distance was also fifty metres. 14The distance across the front of the Temple, including the open space on either side, was also fifty metres. 15He measured the length of the building to the west, including its corridors on both sides, and it was also fifty metres.

Details of the Temple Building

The entrance room of the Temple, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place 16were all panelled with wood from the floor to the windows. These windows could be covered.41.16 Verse 16 in Hebrew is unclear. 17The inside walls of the Temple, up as high as above the doors, were completely covered with carvings41.17 Verse 17 in Hebrew is unclear. 18of palm trees and winged creatures. Palm trees alternated with creatures, one following the other, all the way round the room. Each creature had two faces: 19a human face that was turned towards the palm tree on one side, and a lion's face that was turned towards the tree on the other side. It was like this all round the wall, 20from the floor to above the doors. 21The doorposts of the Holy Place were square.

The Wooden Altar

In front of the entrance of the Most Holy Place there was something that looked like 22a wooden altar. It was 1.5 metres high and one metre wide. Its cornerposts, its base,41.22 Some ancient translations base; Hebrew length. and its sides were all made of wood. The man said to me, “This is the table which stands in the presence of the LORD.”

The Doors

23There was a door at the end of the passage leading to the Holy Place and one also at the end of the passage leading to the Most Holy Place. 24They were double doors that swung open in the middle. 25There were palm trees and winged creatures carved on the doors of the Holy Place, just as there were on the walls. And there was a wooden covering over the outside of the doorway of the entrance room. 26At the sides of this room there were windows, and the walls were decorated with palm trees.41.26 Hebrew has three additional words, the meaning of which is unclear.